Live, national radio interview on my book this week!

I’ve been invited on SBS’s French radio program on Friday 11 September to discuss my new book: Many Hopes, One Dream: the Story of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria. Tune in at 11am to listen live or download the podcast here.

Don’t forget that ticket sales to book launch will close 11 September.  Don’t miss out! $38 gets you a seat at the formal, celebratory dinner with an impressive line up of speakers, including James Merlino, Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs and George Lekakis, Victoria’s Multicultural Commissioner. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser will also be appearing. Call the ECCV on (03) 9349 4122 or email More info here.

Book launched announced - 23rd September

I’m very excited to announce that my book is being launched by the Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs, James Merlino, on the 23rd September. Former PM Malcolm Fraser will also be attending and will likely give a speech.

Tickets to the launch and celebratory dinner are selling fast.  Get yours here

Praise for Many Hopes, One Dream: The Story of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria by Bronwyn Hinz.

“This book tells a fascinating story of the way the ECCV moved (remarkably quickly) from being a fringe player to occupying a central role as an advocate for people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. it should be recommended reading for anyone who is interested in knowing how Victoria, and in particular how Melbourne, has managed its remarkable transformation into one of the world’s leading centres of peaceful multicultural cohabitation.”

- Dr John Chesterman, political historian and author of  Civil Rights: How Indigenous Australians Won Formal Equality