Mapping education ‘policyscapes’ in Australia, 1990-2010

I’m excited to be presenting in the above symposium as part of the Australian Association for Research in Education’s international conference. The symposium presents emerging findings from myself, Paul Gilby and Sean Butler on the multifaceted challenges of educational reform and governance at the federal, state, regional and school levels.  In a separate presentation, I’ll be sharing some of my comparative research on American and Australian school funding arrangements, undertaken during my time as a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University. The conference is being held 28 November – 2 December in Melbourne, and you can register or view the draft program by clicking here.

New perspectives on Australian federalism and school funding

With major reforms and reviews of Australia’s intergovernmental relations and school funding currently underway, the need to understand these complex areas and re-examine common assumptions has never been greater.

I’ll be presenting my recent findings on these contested and interrelated subjects at the upcoming Australian Political Science Association’s Annual Conference: “Connected Globe: Conflicting Worlds”.  My first paper “The evolution of school funding settlements in Australian and the United States: Intergovernmental perspectives” is the first academic paper comparing the two countries’ school finance from this perspective, and is based upon fieldwork and interviews undertaken during my Visiting Scholar position at Columbia University in New York.  My second paper, “Australian federalism and school funding: Exploring the nexus in Victoria’s devolution reforms”, presents a critique of common perceptions and normative models of federalism and policy reform.  Both papers are based on extensive original research and offer insights for policymakers and academics alike.

The APSA conference is being held 27-29 September at the University of Melbourne.  Click here for more information.   Don’t forget that you can access my earlier work by clicking on the ‘Publications, presentations and media’ link found in the bottom-right corner of this screen

Final weeks in North America

My whirlwind international research and conference trip is coming to a close. One more week in New York at Columbia University's Teachers College, then off to Montreal for the Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference and a bit of fieldwork, before the long flight home.  Details of the five papers I'm giving are on the ‘publications and presentations’ page.  Here are some other highlights: speaking with Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez, Chair of the Democratic Caucus Immigration Task Force in US Congress, and Marshall (Mike) S. Smith, who is perhaps most knowledgeable person on US federal education policy. Check out the photo page for a few choice memories with these impressive people.

Papers! Papers! Papers!

Back in Chicago for the Midwest Political Science Association’s annual conference. My paper is titled ‘The untold story of Australian multiculturalism: How it was shaped from below by ethnic communities’. Here’s the paper, and the PowerPoint.  My presentation to the Comparative and International Education Society’s annual conference, ‘The transformation of the Australian school funding: The changing federal framework’ can be found here. Stay tuned for my papers to Columbia University’s Teachers College ‘Policy Research Roundtable’ (26 April) and the Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference (1-3 June).

My whirlwind North American research and conference trip has started.

The highlight – a 4 month Visiting Scholar position at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York. It’s preceded by two weeks of presentations, workshops and meetings with federalism scholars in Toronto and Ottawa; and a week in Chicago where I’m presenting a paper at the Comparative and International Education Society’s 54th Annual Conference. Still to come – presentations at the Midwest Political Science Association’s Annual Conference, the Canadian Political Science Association’s Annual Conference and Teachers College’s seminar series.  These papers present my thesis findings on education policy and federalism, as well as my research on Australian multiculturalism and ethnic organisations.