I have contributed to six major grant applications, of which five have been successful (an 83 per cent success rate). I have also been personally awarded smaller grants and awards, listed further below.


Melbourne School of Government

Renewing Australian Federalism (Governance and Performance) Awarded 2013.

External partners: Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet; Griffith University’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy.

This interdisciplinary research program (involving scholars from law, economics and political science) takes up the challenge and opportunity to improve fiscal sustainability, democracy and policy innovation (focus on education and health policy) in Australia’s federation in particular by strengthening the states.


Australian Research Council

Federalism in Australian schooling: Its impact upon quality and equity (ARC Linkage Grant, Awarded 2010. Partners: Foundation for Young Australians; Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood)

This project, led by my former PhD supervisor A/Prof Jack Keating (recently deceased) was an extension of my early PhD research (referenced in the application) that examined how federalism contributes to structural boundaries to achieving the Council of Australian Government’s objectives for high-performing and equitable schooling. I prepared the literature review and an extensive reference database, contributed much of the contents under the ‘Significance’ section of the application, and later wrote a report on the influence of intergovernmental institutions and process on school funding in the United States and Canada. I was previously employed by the partner organization, Foundation for Young Australians as a policy and research consultant.


Jean Monnet Foundation (European Commission)

Assisted with the successful application of two Jean Monnet Foundation grants examining European and Asian political integration projects, under the direction of Chief Investigator A/Prof Philomena Murray, while working as a research assistant and project manager at the Contemporary Europe Research Centre 2007–2008.


Victorian Multicultural Commission, Government of Victoria

A Community Strengthening Grant awarded to the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria to fund the research, writing and publication of a book recounting the council’s history